Introducing the Mercedes S600 iBusiness Sedan

A company called Brabus has decked out a Mercedes S600 and is calling it an "IBusiness Sedan"

The business and entertainment-centric back seat includes an ultra-smallMac minicomputer placed under the rear shelf. Two iPads in the rear compartment play movies, music and connectto the Internet and control the entire functioning of the S-ClassCOMAND system, which includes the radio, the telephone and thenavigation system.

Luxury Launches reports that the entertainment system also includes a 15.2-inch TFT display set inside a headliner which is covered with Alcantara and contrasted with leather. For music, there is a 64GB Apple iPod touch, with a 14, 000+ song capacity, which is synced with either the S-Class sound system or Sennheiser Noise Gard headphones. The system also provides for USB2.0 ports in the rear compartments for connecting devices. You can dock two tablet PCs and a Bluetooth keyboard in the rear adjustable tables provided for them. The car features custom-made compartments to put away all these gadgets when not in use. A BRABUS app for iPad and iPhone to be launched shortly will also come as a part of the deal.

Anything they missed?

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