Is Hooters in the business of food service or "vicarious sexual entertainment?" The folks at the National Organization for Women want to know, NOW.

California chapters of the National Organization of Women (NOW) are filing complaints against local owners of the Hooters restaurant chain.

NOW claims that local Hooters venues are violating state and local laws covering sexual entertainment and minor children. They say that the chain is, by their own admission, an establishment of, "vicarious sexual entertainment," at the same time they are marketing to children with child menus, high chairs and booster seats.

Apparently, they sell child-size t-shirts with the phrases "I'm a Boob Man" and "Future Hooters Girl" on them, at the same time their employee handbook refers to a “Hooters Girl” as someone employed as a sexual entertainer and as part of her employment can expect to be subjected to various sexual jokes by customers and such potential contacts as buttocks slaps.


Patty Bellasalma, president of the California chapter of NOW, asks "[e]very local county or city with a Hooters should consider a ban on marketing sexual entertainment to minors, and require that sexual entertainment businesses check IDs at the door."

Source: SFist

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