Jane Pratt (of Jane and Sassy fame) to launch new magazine with 14-year old "Style Rookie" blogger

Jane Pratt, the woman behind Jane and Sassy magazines, has a new publishing partner--14-year old Tavi Gevinson, also known as "Style Rookie." 

Gevinson is a fashion blogger who was a fan of Sassy magazine, despite its shuttering when she was only a year old.

As the story is being told, Pratt found out about Gevinson's admiration for Sassy and sent the young blogger an email. The pair eventually met in person and hashed out the idea for "a magazine for an audience of wallflowerly teenage girls."

"Of course, it won't be Sassy (or the rebirth of Sassy, or Sassy 2.0) and nor do we want it to be … The world has changed a bit in the past 15 or so years and that whole Internet thing happened, and this world calls for something different," Gevinson wrote.

The yet untitled magazine will have a Web site and three print issues a year.

Sources: Womens Wear Daily,  UK Independent and New York Observer

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