Jenny Craig has a slimmed-down name (just call her "Jenny"), and a slimmed-down spokesperson (post-baby weight Mariah Carey)

Madonna. Cher. Tiger. Angelina. And now, Jenny.

Jenny Craig, the diet brand, is changing up its image with a new approach to dieting which they say is more holistic, and goes beyond simple dieting. To signal their change of approach, they've adopted a new name--just "Jenny." and hired a new spokesperson.

"'Jenny' has a greater vision," CEO Dana Fiser told brandchannel. "We can do good work. Overweight is, of course, a huge part of the population. And we're concerned about children. We really think with this new brand platform and the American Heart Association that we can help modify behaviors with mothers and also influence the behaviors of children."

In addition to the name change, they've signed-on a slimmed-down post baby weight Mariah Carey (who you could just call "Mariah") to serve as the first spokesperson under the "Jenny" moniker. In her first campaign, Mariah will not show off the standard "before and after" pictures (can you image he agreeing to that?) Rather, the new Jenny will only to show the "after" Carey.

"It was important to see her coming out looking absolutely incredible," Fiser said. "This is a huge strategic shift in our branding and advertising campaign. Not the process of the [weight-loss] journey, but bringing her out and having her messages be more about higher-minded causes." Jenny plans a new focus on community-boosting work at its 600 U.S. locations.

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