Jersey Shore's Snooki introduces the Snooki Party Ball 2011 Limited Edition Pendant. Why? "Because it's frickin' awesome"

You may have heard, and God forgive you if you saw, MTV dropping their "Jersey Shore" creation "Snooki" inside a giant ball at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve out in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Now comes word that the peculiar cultural phenomenon is launching the "Snooki Party Ball 2011" a limited-edition necklace made of "created pink sapphires."

Snooki partnered with to create the ball on a necklace made of a carat's worth of created pink sapphires set in a ball pendant made from polished and rhodium-plated sterling silver on an 18" chain. It comes with a photo of Snooki and a certificate of authenticity, although we are not sure of the value of certifying fake sapphires.

Snickering aside, the pendant looks like a good match for the "Snooki" brand that she's creating, and at $49 a lot of teenage Jersey girls may be snatching them up. You have to give the pint-size phenom credit for extending her 15 minutes of fame well past it's due date.

Sources: Luxist and PopEater

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