Just because it's catchy doesn't mean it's good... I hate Glee.

I hate Glee. Seriously, from the moment that show was even announced I knew this was going to be a problem. If I can recall, the original promo for the show had the Glee rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin’,” in it. Let me tell you how much of a Journey fan I am. I definitely love that everyone seems to know the lyrics to that song, and it’s totally great that drunk people choose to belt it (horribly) when walking drunkenly down my street in the middle of the night.

Now, Glee been around for 3 seasons and it hasn’t started to annoy me any less. Its rabid fanbase and over-the-top renditions of songs continue to haunt my news feed on a regular basis. People call themselves, “Gleeks,” and post about how excited they are about the next episode, and I just hate it. I hate it all. It infuriates the hell out of me, but where does all this hatred come from?

I have the same problem with Glee that I have with pop music, Urban Outfitters, Pitchfork Media, and Snapple. Okay, that Snapple part isn’t real but the rest are totally viable examples of what I’m talking about. Glee is severely lacking in the originality and substance departments. First of all, they don’t even write their own music. Second of all, the premise is a musical... that takes place at a high school. Sound familiar? I mean, Disney is fairly proficient at ripping classic stories off, so you know you’ve made a terrible decision when you’ve decided to rip disney off. At least those kids in the High School Musical movies looked like they were in high school, and sang original music. If you were to take out the musical scenes in Glee, you pretty much be left with mundane television. It would be like editing all the flashbacks out of Family Guy.

It’s not even the show that irks me the most. I think the biggest problem I have is how sickeningly popular it is. Glee is a constant reminder of what the masses want. Something that’s entertaining and familiar. Something that has no controversy attached to it. It depresses me that people would rather flock together than make decisions for themselves. Then, we watch creative concept after creative concept get derailed purely because it doesn’t have the ability to be a Glee-like fad. There’s much more original ideas out there, but we don’t want original. At least until something we accept as original tells us what to accept. Arrested development is a good example of this.

It’s reached the point where people like the Glee music better than the actual artists music. They leverage themselves as a stomping ground for new artists to get their work out there and I think that’s just preposterous. Why would any artist trying to make a name for them self want to have every bit of personality processed and stripped out of their music. I mean, hell, I’ve heard someone refer to a pop song as, “the song they sang on the last episode of glee.” How disappointing is that?

I challenge you to think outside the box. Use this mantra: “just because it’s catchy doesn’t mean it’s good.” Tell yourself that. Over and over and over. Really ask yourself why you like something, and find all of the obvious reasons ask yourself again. Realizing your own opinion is like selecting the perfect meal. You may be hungry in your long and arduous search, you may just want to eat the next thing you see, but you know for a fact you’ll be ten times as satisfied if you get exactly what you want.

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