Kmart Wants me to Ship My Pants.

Sometimes a little stunt is needed to gain attention and to help change a brand’s tarnished image. Kmart is one of those companies who needs a bit of a jolt.

And, they might just have achieved a shock from a brand defibrillator with a video that’s causing a YouTube stir. “Ship My Pants” has been viewed over 15 million times as of today. The video is designed to promote Kmart’s free shipping service, but what it is really doing is re-introducing customers to a brand many had forgotten about, or worse yet—actively avoid.

The video shows customers who exclaim that they are going to "ship their pants" through a Kmart delivery program. Wait, what did they just say?

Call it “vulgar” call it “cheezy,” call it “edgy,” and “juvenile”—but at least EVERY one of those 15 million views is talking about the new Kmart video.

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