Kraft introduces MiO, a liquid water enhancer to customize the way you drink

Kraft is introducing a zero-calorie, concentrated line of liquid flavorings, allowing consumers to customize their water.

The category is called a liquid water enhancer, and Kraft has branded their product as MiO ("mine," in Italian).

MiO comes in Berry Pomegranate, Strawberry Watermelon and a host of other flavors.

According to USA Today, Kraft officials say that in an era of personalization, it's all about dripping as many drops of flavor as you want into your water. Think liquid Fizzies for the uber-cool, Gen Next set.

Ah, OK.

In focus groups, says Liza Laibe, Kraft beverages senior brand R&D manager, "Consumers tell us they can't believe nobody has thought of this before."

Ah, OK.

MiO has no artificial flavors, but it does have artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Kraft says it concocted the MiO concept during an "innovation day" summit for its beverage unit last year. The company insists it's not marketing MiO as better-for-you. The target, Laibe says, is men and women 18 to 39 who prefer to customize their experiences, including what they drink.

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