Kraft Miracle Whip: James Carville, Amy Sedaris and Pauly D ask you to "Take a Side"

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to a truly modern television commercial.

The folks at Miracle Whip have produced a commercial called "Take a Side" that isn't preachy. It doesn't claim that Miracle Whip is the best at this or that. It doesn't even suggest that everyone would like the taste.

In fact, it suggests that many people don't like Miracle Whip at all.

In otherwords, it is trying to be "real" by not over-promising, or over-hyping.

They don't hit you over the head with a hard sell.

The spot features a  variety of people (mixed with celebrities like James Carville, Amy Sedaris and the Jersey Shore's Pauly D)“ speaking their mind on whether they prefer the Kraft spread or not.

The spot is entertaining, and makes you think about whether YOU like Miracle Whip. Not whether you SHOULD like Miracle Whip.

It is truly a modern television commercial, based in how we as marketers should be understanding how our modern audience views advertising (particularly the 18-34 group AKA Generation Y).

The spot (created by mcgarrybowen/Chicago)was introduced during last night's American Idol broadcast, and is scheduled to also be part of the Academy Awards pre-show broadcast. But you can view it here:

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