Lexus and Nissan play up the double entendre of "Model" in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue sponsorships

Lexus and Nissan have created thematic advertising around this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

They're using "models" to showcase their "models."

While sexy, bikini-clad models are nothing new to automotive advertising, the tie-in doesn't seem very modern.

Or does it?

Marketers are finally catching-on to the concept that the more relevant you are to your target audience, and the more in-context you are to the content of where you're advertising, the greater chance for success (awareness, consideration, advocacy, etc.)

In this case, the two marketing-savvy Japanese automakers have created campaigns for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue that feature real models.

Nissan is running two co-branded efforts to promote its Juke car: "Model Search" and "Model vs. Model." The model search contest centers on a social-media campaign and allows participants to pick a model for the 2012 swimsuit issue and the "Model vs. Model" promotion has its Juke car  pitted against a female model.

Lexus' participation is built around a four-page ad for its LFA supercar with Dutch supermodel Rianne Ten Haken who stands in the center of a hanger while the car does drifting-style donuts within feet of her. "Behind the scenes" clips of the shoot have been posted to its YouTube channel, iPad and Galaxy Tablet apps and the magazine's website.

Source: Media Post

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