L.L. Bean kicks off its Centennial with a Giant Mobile Maine Hunting Boot--the Bootmobile

To mark the company's centennial, L.L. Bean has driving a giant hunting boot across the country.

Well, not a real hunting boot exactly, it is a truck designed to look like the brand's iconic hunting boot. You know, like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile looks like a wiener.

L.L. Bean commissioned the Bootmobile, a 20-foot-long, 13-foot-high vehicle that is scheduled to travel throughout the country during the company's 100th year.

Wired magazine reports from Manhattan that "the Bootmobile appears to be cobbled together from a diesel Ford F-250 pickup. (It’s an automatic, so no heel-and-toe downshifts.) In true Yankee fashion, it’s wearing all-terrain tires, sports a Maine license plate and is missing a hubcap." In fact, the Bootmobile was built to scale by Echo Artz, a specialty fabrication shop in Kissimmee, Florida--a far cry from Bean headquarters in Freeport, Maine.

L.L. Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean began the company in a single room selling the Maine Hunting Shoe, with a rubber sole and shell stitched to a leather upper. The Maine Hunting Shoe has become emblematic of the brand.

Additional sources: The New York Times

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