Lost in Translation: Korean Air Refers to Kenyan’s "primitive energy," to promote new Seoul-Nairobi route.

In an announcement of their new non-stop flights from Korea to Kenya, the company’s website reportedly described Kenyans as full of "primitive energy." The reference has now been removed, and the company apologized, calling the wording an error in translation.

"Fly Korean Air and enjoy the grand African Savanna, the safari tour, and the indigenous people full of primitive energy," the site reportedly read.

The AFP is reporting that the wording provoked a barrage of reactions from Kenyans, most of them amused rather than furious. 

"Thinking of lion hunting today and maybe some elephant baiting to deal with my #PrimitiveEnergy," tweeted one Kenyan.

"I use #PrimitiveEnergy every morning to rise from my bed," another Kenyan said.

Others however felt that the mistake in the notice was an intentional marketing gimmick.

"Now everybody knows Korea Air is coming to Kenya. Nice marketing strategy," tweeted another person using the Twitter handle of Komboste.

Sources: AFP and Huffington Post

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