Louis Vuitton Provokes Controversy with Prostitution Chic Short Film

A new short film for Louis Vuitton by James Lima, "Love" mixes streetwalkers with catwalkers as models are depicted as both prostitutes and as part of Vuitton’s recent Paris Fashion Week show. 

The film features supermodels Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger in the roles of prostitutes in the dark streets of Paris. Models are seen naked in the backseat of a car, sashaying down an alley, and undressing in front of a car’s headlights. These images of the streetwalkers are intercut with scenes of the models prepping for their appearance on the catwalk.

The film makes the provocative point of how fashion uses sex to sell—as both fashion and prostitution create fantasy to satisfy.

According to the New York Daily News. Inna Shevcenko, the leader of women’s rights group Femen, which is famous for going topless to gain attention for the issues it is fighting against, said, “Once again, naked women are used to create a buzz or sell clothes.”

We call it “prostitution chic.”

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