Man Manual by Dove Men+Care

Dove has created skin care instructions for the modern man. In a well-produced animation video, we learn that man is 1). Water proof, 2). Shock proof and 3). Our skin needs to be cleaned. This Dove Men+Care video is a bit of cheeky fun and proves once again that Dove knows how to market to its target audience—whether they be man or woman.

Advertising agency BBH and production company Passion Pictures created the 30-second ad. Creative Director Nick Allsop explains the aim of the ad was to target an audience unenthused by images of toned and tanned 20-somethings and promises of becoming irresistible to the opposite sex. “These men are mostly married, bloke-y and quite happy with their appearance. They haven't got six packs and they don't want them,” he says. 

Creative Review explains the production process:

Each picture was drawn by hand before being transformed into a 3D image and back into a 2D animation by Passion, and it took more than a year to turn the pitch into a finished product. 

“Animation usually takes weeks and you don't have the option to make changes when it's done, but as we had 33 rounds of research to do, we needed a style that was flexible and could be produced quickly. Using the technique of creating CG men and turning them back into 2D images also makes the movement really fluid and quite beautiful,” he adds. 

It's been an arduous task but BBH and Passion Pictures have successfully created an enjoyable ad that needs no translation and is perfectly suited to time-pressed Dads around the world.


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