Mattel asks consumers on Facebook and Twitter if Barbie should take Ken back

The blooming of the Internet as a media outlet and social media sandbox allows marketers to test products, and marketing campaigns in a low-cost environment before expanding out with expensive paid media programs. Marketers from Old Spice to Volkswagen are testing ads through YouTube and Facebook before buying ad time on ABC or Fox.

The latest to use the Internet as test market is Mattel, who is floating the idea of reuniting Ken and Barbie, as they consider the introduction of a new "Sweet Talking Ken" doll.

In case you missed the news, Barbie and Ken split in 2004 after 43 years together, with the iconic model leaving Ken for an Australian surfer dude named Blaine.

Unfortunately, the sun set on the Blaine and Barbie relationship, and now Mattel is considering re-igniting the relationship with Ken trying to woo Barbie back via Twitter, Facebook, a live-action Hulu web series and a "" website.

Consumers can tweet and post as to whether Barbie should take Ken back by voting "YES for her to take me back."

Unfortunately, a quick look at the "Love-o-Meter" on their website sees Ken's chances are trending towards "Let Him Down Easy."

Let's hope she waits until after Valentine's Day.

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