McDonald's shows up in FarmVille

McDonalds has more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide. They're just about everywhere.

Including FarmVille.

Players of Facebook's popular "FarmVille" social-media game and virtual world will log on today to see the game's first branded farm, bearing McDonald's famous (and ubiquitous) Golden Arches.

The game's 18 million players can click on the McDonald's farm to win virtual prizes, including a McDonald's-branded hot air balloon to place on their own virtual farms.

"This is all part of a larger social-media strategy," says Anja Carroll, director of media at McDonald's. "It's difficult to ignore the sheer volume of the audience that FarmVille brings."

Manny Anekal, director of global brand advertising at Zynga, says, "We expect a supersized audience. Millions of people will visit the McDonald's farm."

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