MillerCoors thinks you might want some beer with your lemonade. Or maybe some lemonade with your beer...

MillerCoors plans to introduce Miller Genuine Draft 64 Lemonade, a seasonal, low-calorie lemonade beer.

Flavored malt beverages like Mikes Hard Lemonade may come to consumer's minds when they think of MGD Lemonade, but malt beverages like Mikes have less of a beer taste, MGD 64 is a light beer with a taste of lemonade--similar to Miller Chill which is beer with a hint of lime.

The distinction between a "flavored beer" (MGD Lemonade's classification) and a  "flavored malt beverage" is important in that some flavored malt beverages have come under fire from public health advocates who say the beverages are marketed to underage drinkers.  MillerCoors gives the beer a "flavored beer" designation because MGD Lemonade "maintains the brewed characteristics of MGD 64, with the complementary flavor of lemonade, [which is] not [the] defining flavor," according to MillerCoors.

The new brew will be available during the summertime--May through Labor Day and is designed to boost sales of its 64-calorie MGD 64 which has been in a sales slump.

Source: Advertising Age

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