M&M's, Google and Reese's are favorites of 8-24 year olds

This week, Harris Interactive released their first Youth EquiTrend® study, which uncovers how 8-24 year olds think about brands.

In ranking brands based on familiarity, quality and purchase consideration, Mars's M&Ms, Google and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup were highest ranked.

Oreo's, Apple iPod, Target Stores, Subway sandwiches, Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Doritos, and Disney's Pixar rounded out the top 10 brands.

According to Regina A. Corso, SVP, Youth and Education Research at Harris Interactive, "At this stage, the brands that resonate the most with youth are mostly ones that involve food - six of the top ten are candy, snacks or restaurants. As kids age, their tastes, and therefore their favorite brands, change with them. Tweens are all about Disney and Nick as well as gaming,"

he 2010 Youth EquiTrend® study was conducted online in August 2010, among 5,077 U.S. 8-24 year olds, including: 740 interviews among 8-9 year olds; 860 interviews among 10-12 year olds; 879 interviews among 13-15 year olds; 644 interviews among 16-17 year olds; 1,086 interviews among 18-21 year olds; and 868 interviews among 22-24 year olds.

For more detail: Harris Interactive PR release

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