NBC Universal logo is now peacockless and spaceless

In one of the most public displays of its new ownership, NBC Universal, now controled by Comcast, is changing its logo to reflect its new business strategy.

As of yesterday, Comcast now owns 51% of NBC Universal, with General Electric (the previous majority shareholder) still maintaining a 49% stake in the company.

To mark the transition, gone is the NBC peacock, and the "spinning globe" graphic, as well as the space bewteen NBC and Universal (now NBCUniversal, nee NBC Universal).

The new design is to reflect new ownership, and to represent the unity of its two main divisions and a new strategy of synergy between divisions. Logo changes to signal strategic and/or ownership changes are a common marketing practice.

Reports are that the peacock will continue to brand NBC in its broadcasting function, and the spinning globe will be part of the logomark for the Universal properties--movie studio, theme parks, etc. And officially, the company's name is still NBC Universal. with the space.

"We aren't a family of two favorite sons, rather one filled with talented people and companies all tied for first," according to a voice-over presentation aimed at employees.

In another "announcement" tie-in, NBC television's "30 Rock" on Thursday night spoofed Comcast's impending takeover. As a clock bell sounded, a neon "GE" atop an office building fizzled out and was replaced by a "K" inside a swoosh resembling Comcast's logo.

"Wow, out with GE, in with Kabletown," said Tina Fey's character, Liz Lemon. "Seems like one of us should sing 'The Circle Game' right now."

Source: Yahoo! Finance and USA Today

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