Netflix hires actors to portray real customers at Canadian launch event, then offers only a semi-apology for their actions

Bad move #1: Hire actors to represent real customers at a launch party

Bad move #2: Give said actors a script (yes, in writing so it might be distributed across the Internet) telling them how to act when speaking to the press--in character.

Bad move #3: Admit you hired the actors, but only say giving them a script as a bad idea.

Netflix's long-awaited Canadian launch event in Toronto this week attracted a sizable crowd of enthusiastic consumers. But apparently, many of the "consumers" who showed up were actually paid actors. 

Netflix apparently admits to having paid extras to show up and "play types, for example, mothers, film buffs, tech geeks, couch potatoes, etc."  but only submitted an apology in regards to providing a script to the paid actors. "I was unaware that script was handed out to extras and that was not supposed to happen," says Steve Swasey, VP of corporate communications for Netflix. "Some people got carried away and it's embarrassing to Netflix." 

Source: Switched and  Globe and Mail

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