New Diet Coke Hunk Celebrates 30 Years of Soda and 20 Years of Sex-Selling Beefcake. "I Just Want to Make Love to You."

A new ad campaign to celebrate Diet Coke’s 30th birthday is the next installment of the classic Diet Coke Hunk campaign, featuring a blue-collar hunk being playfully objectified by a group of women—set to the classic Etta James soundtrack, “I Just Want To Make Love To You.” It’s a reminder that the advertising axiom “sex sells” is alive and well—and still works after decades of activity. 

The latest Diet Coke ad was shot on location in South Africa, and features a group of female friends sipping Diet Coke over lunch in a park and watching a handsome landscape gardener mowing the grass. Sexiness ensues when one of the girls rolls a Diet Coke down the hill to “cool the gardener off.” A shirt is removed, abs are revealed, and titillated women are satisfied—all thanks to Diet Coke.

It is the tale of female empowerment and objectifying of men flipping traditional gender roles on their head. Thanks to Diet Coke and Etta James—and a hunk named (in this case) Andrew Cooper who is quoted as saying, “Everyone remembers the Diet Coke Man advertisements.

They have been cultural milestones and I’m absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to play the part in 2013 - especially in such an exciting year for the brand.”

The Diet Coke Hunk was introduced in 1994 and featured Lucky Vanous as a hunky construction worker who kept a group of admiring women in an office glued to their window every day at 11.30am when he paused for a can of Diet Coke. A 1998 ad featured Robert Merrill, who will also be featured in the latest campaign. Other Hunks were featured in 1997 and 2007 refreshments of the campaign.

Source: Daily Mail

Hunk Andrew Cooper 2013


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