New JC Penney Advertising Campaign Screams for Attention.

JC Penney is set to launch a major new ad campaign. It is the first advertising imprint under the new Penney CEO (and former Apple retail exec) Ron Johnson.

The ad campaign from Mother New York is perhaps the most annoying spot I've seen in a long time. Now, don't get me wrong, annoying can sell, but the spot, which "screams" for attention, will get old really fast if all they do is continue to showcase a series of scenes with actors screaming out of the frustration experience of retail discounts. Penney's is pushing the concept of lower prices/fewer discounts which they call a "Fair & Square" price structure, which rolls out February 1. 

And if the screaming on the ad is not enough, Penney's has created a Facebook page where visitors can scream into a "No Meter" to measure their frustration level. 

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