Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Tries to Join the Apple vs Samsung Fight.

When you are the underdog, sometimes it is hard to catch people’s attention. And the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is definitely the underdog (even Blackberry seems to be getting more attention). 

There are several ways to get the public’s attention when you’re the underdog. One way would be to quietly build a ground-swell of support as the Alt-brand to the leaders. Or you can through yourself publicly into a direct and all-out fight with your competition.

It seems Nokia/Microsoft has chosen the latter. Unfortunately, they weren’t the first to do so.

The Apple iPhone had been the dominant, and undisputed leader in the smartphone market until Samsung decided it wanted to dominate, and dispute Apple’s superiority claims. In marketing, Apple has chosen the high-road (as a leader should do) and Samsung has presented themselves as the scrappy alternative—to much success.

And now it appears that Nokia/Microsoft was to be ANOTHER scrappy alternative—fighting both Apple and Samsung. Yes, they’re trying to insert themselves into the middle of the fight between Apple and Samsung with its new ad that pokes fun at fanboys from both camps. Unfortunately to us, Nokia/Microsoft feels more like the Green Party trying to compete against a Republican and Democratic opponent—they’re more of a side show than part of the major attraction. 

Check out the ads for Nokia/Microsoft—that feel more corporate than scrappy to us, Apple and Nokia. Who do you think should win this battle?


Boxing match illustration courtesy of Shutterstock

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