Nordstrom to open nonprofit concept store in Manhattan

When you think of a not-for-profit retail clothing store, Salvation Army and Goodwill come to mind.

Now there is a third entrant in that category--Nordstrom.

The department store chain has announced that it will open a one-off concept store in New York City's SOHO district that will turn over all its earnings to charity.

Unlike thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill, Nordstrom will not be selling used clothes--nor will the store be branded "Nordstrom."

Corporate spokeswoman Pamela Lopez told the Seattle Times "Our intention is not to create a mini-Nordstrom. There will be no Nordstrom signage and no Nordstrom shopping bags. Really, the store will have an identity all its own. It's a chance for us to do something completely new."

Currently, Nordstrom does not have a branded store in Manhattan (although one is planned). They do have a Nordstrom Rack store selling sale items in Union Square.

Sources: Luxist and Seattle Times

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