Occupy Wall Street crowdfunds a television advertising buy

Occupy Wall Street is planning to broadcast their message on cable television to help Americans to better understand what they are protesting. 

Through a crowdfunded media buy, supporters of the Occupy movement will spend around $6,000 on more than 100 commercial spots this weekend. A crowd of 168 people contributed the funds to run a 30-second spot produced by a supporter of the movement. The team responsible for the fund-raising hopes to raise more money and run more ads in the future. This spot was shot in New York City at Occupy Wall Street and produced by director David Sauvage and composer Glenn Grossman.

The media buy includes Bloomberg Business TV, ESPN, CBS Sports, History International, Outdoor Channel, Gayle King Show, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends on the DISH network, Direct TV and Verizon Fios. In addition, the spot will air on  Fox News seven times. You can check out this and other videos on the producer's YouTube channel, and check out media space fund-raising efforts similar to Occupy Wall Street on Loudsauce.

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