Old Spice cheats on Isiah Mustafah with a sea captain, a billionaire jet pilot and a rock star in the new 'Smell Better Than Yourself' campaign

Isiah Mustafah was not the first Old Spice Man, nor, it appears, will he be the last.

The company known for helping men smell like men has come out with a new ad that strikes the same cheeky, sexually-charged tone, but features a new character. Gone is the bath-towel robed ex-football player, and in walks a "well decorated sea captain who battles monsters on a large nautical vessel." Oh, he also has "endless gold treasures pouring from my pants"

Other ads will feature a manly man who smells like a rich billionaire jet pilot delivering a flawless presentation in a boardroom. Another ad will feature a rock star.

Allison Bolyard, brand manager at Old Spice, said: "Scent plays a significant role in how guys view themselves and also how others perceive them, and the new 'Smell Better Than Yourself' campaign brings this reality to life in an entertaining way.

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