On-Demand Ice Cream Trucks: There’s an app for that by Uber.

We have become an on-demand culture. Technology has enabled us to watch television programming on-demand, stream or download music on-demand, and thanks to the likes of Uber, get private driver service on-demand.

If you don’t know Uber, this is how it works—with the click of button on your smartphone, Uber directs a private car (and driver) to your exact location in around 10 minutes. Your faire is billed to your credit card—no on-site payments, no tip required (or accepted). THE FIVE-STIR crew uses this service regularly, and we love it.

And now, as a way to promote their on-demand service, Uber is allowing you to get ice cream on-demand.

This Friday (the 13th—oh my) in Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington D.C., Uber is offering on-demand ice cream trucks, allowing users to order an ice cream party for five any time between noon and 6 p.m. All users need to do is select the ice cream cone icon within the Uber app, and a truck will arrive at your location within around 10 minutes.

The cost is $12 for a visit from the truck and ice cream for five—perfect for an afternoon team break at work. We think it is a brilliant way to promote the Uber on-demand experience. Almost as good as their on-demand mariachi bands last “Cuatro De Mayo” (May 5 fell on a Saturday).

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