One Million Moms getting their panties in a bunch over Schweddy Balls

There are always haters out there who try to spoil all the fun.

Case in point, One Million Moms--an organization out of Mississippi (and a division of the American Family Association), doesn't like one of Ben & Jerry's newest ice cream flavors called Schweddy Balls--an homage of a "Saturday Night Live" that poked fun at NPR.

The extremest organization, whose purpose is to "stop the exploitation of our children" say the limited-edition flavor featuring fudge-covered rum balls turns something innocent into something repulsive and has started a campaign to pressure supermarkets not to stock the ice cream.

A spokesman for Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's says Schweddy Balls is stocked in about 30 percent of stores where its products are sold, and is its most popular limited-edition flavor so far.

As Pete Schweddy says "Nobody can resist my Schweddy balls."

Source: The Los Angeles Times

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