Oreo Separator Machine: A Man. A Plan. And Possibly a Hatchet.

Who knows who started it, but for decades, consumers have been separating Oreo cookies from their cream. 

There are those who enjoy the cream, and there are those who enjoy the cookie.  Rumor has it that that there are even the odd few who like the combination of both.

For those who have a dislike for cream, and preference for cookie, the manual process of separating the two parts is most commonly done with a twist of the wrist—it is a bespoke, artisan process.

But imagine if there was a robot that could do this for you?

Feast your eyes on this amazing machine, and its amazing video.

Of course, the video is even more amazing in that it is a piece of marketing—dreamed up by the folks who created the Old Spice Guy and a slew of other amazing campaigns for the likes of Nike, Diet Coke, and Converse. The “Physicist and copywriter” in the video is even an agency employee, David Neevel.

But who cares—the video is entertainment first, commercial second. The folks at advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy know the value of entertaining content to connect consumers with products. 

Oreo image courtesy of Shutterstock

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