Panty by Post turns to video

You may remember my profile of the Canadian entrepreneurs who created Panty by Post, from my series of "5 Start-ups Before Lunch."

Well, I thought it worthwhile to post again about this company after viewing a great video they recently produced.

Many of my clients are entrepreneurs who are boot-strapping their companies. They look to inexpensive marketing tools to get the word out. Often, a video is a very appropriate tool to demonstrate the product, and to get the message out about their brand positioning.

Unfortunately, most videos that I have seen which were produced "in house" are absolutely dreadful. Like all marketing materials, content, message and production quality are EVERYTHING when looking to produce a video that someone will want to watch.

If you aren't a production or creative professional; and if you aren't a closet movie director, creative director or screenwriter--don't attempt to do this yourself.

Pany by Post's Natalie Grunberg was able to produce an excellent presentation video without a lot of production costs by delivering a compelling story, edited with a nice degree of creative professionalism.

Congrats Natalie.

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