PB&J Vodka: It smells like peanut butter, and tastes like raspberry jelly.

You knew it was coming.

The world of flavor infused vodkas has been adding lemon, grapefruit, raspberry and cherry for the last several years.

So, it was only a matter of time before another universal favorite taste, peanut butter and jelly was added to the mix.

Van Gogh Vodka is renowned for translating food flavor profiles into vibrant and authentically flavored vodkas. They already have 20 flavors like Dutch Carmel, Double Espresso, and Dutch Chocolate, so the classic PB&J is a logical addition.

Master Distiller Tim Vos selected raspberry flavored jelly after taste-testing peanut butter sandwiches matched with various jellies. "For me, the raspberry jelly came out the best," he says. "It is fresh, fruity and mingles very well with the oily structure of the peanut butter."

While the fragrance is predominately of peanuts, the taste is reportedly more on the raspberry side—with a hint of vanilla. "It is challenging to transform a famous food flavor into a drink flavor, however I think this transition is beautiful and the flavor is intriguing—I am certain that everyone will want to enjoy more than one glass!"

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