Peeing on Someone’s Rug is so “On-Brand” for The Standard Hotel.

The Standard, André Balazs’ mini-chain of boutique hotels with a hip sensibility, has a new magazine ad campaign that is a perfect mirror of its desired brand reputation.

With locations in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, New York and West Hollywood, the Standard wants to keep a au current, Fashion Week-meets-the Grammys-meets Art Bassel vibe at all times.

The latest magazine ads feature provocative photographs by Erwin Wurm. The New York Times says “The photos are intended to surprise, startle and perhaps shock.” It is a description that sounds like a perfect advertising strategy for a brand that needs to keep an “edge” to keep up their bookings—and high per-room price point.  

One ad depicts a man with his head stuffed into the front of a woman’s sweater. In another, a woman drools into her bowl of soup. And a third shows a woman who appears to be peeing on a hotel room rug as she stands in front of a man sitting on a sofa. The last image is titled “Pee on someone's rug (instructions on how to be politically incorrect)” and is priced at $2,000 as a limited-edition print, sold in the hotels’ gift shops and through the Standard’s online gift shop.

Behind the images is a message of our sensitivity around personal space and freedoms.

André Balazs, president and chief executive of the company who owns the Standard told The New York Times, “We believe a good hotel is far more than a set of rooms. What makes a hotel unique is its personality, its social life, its cultural life.”

Mr. Wurm “has a wonderful sense of humor,” Mr. Balazs says, and he “embodies the spirit of the brand.”

Images via the Daily Mail

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