P&G brand Bonux tackles the biggest laundry advertising cliches

Procter & Gamble’s low cost laundry detergent, Bonux, is poking fun at high-priced advertising in order to highlight the "clean, fresh and affordable product."

Agency Leo Burnett Brussels is banking on the post-recession practicality of consumers as it presents Bonux as a low-cost rational buy with the most generic type of advertising...an all white set, with the product as the hero.

That ads tackle the biggest laundry advertising cliches to prove the point that gratuitous spending is well, gratuitous. In the ads, Bonux argues that waving palm trees and difficult scientific words do not make a detergent any better. And anything that does not improve the product, is unnecessary for the consumer who needs value for money.

The Bonux campaign does not feature expensive, young models or trustworthy scientists with grey temples. This campaign is only about the detergent and its characteristics. And that’s more than enough for Leo Burnett to create a campaign around that upgrades Bonux to the smartest choice in the category. After all, price conscious consumers making smart, rational choices in laundry detergents deserve attention and respect instead of guilt feelings. And that’s exactly what this new campaign aims for.

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