P&G, Downy, and Macy's launch a marketing campaign aimed at putting you to sleep

Procter & Gamble is producing a 7-day live window display at Macy's Herald Square (New York City) aimed at suggesting that its Downy fabric softner will help you get a better night's sleep. And Macy's wants to remind you to buy those sheets in their housewares department.

The campaign-come-performance art will feature comedian Mike Birbiglia, who is known for his routines about his sleepwalking problem, interacting live (and asleep) with those walking by Macy's windows.

Macy's says there's been nothing comparable to having Birbiglia staying there for a week "It will be quite an interesting sight to witness, even for jaded New Yorkers," said a spokesperson.

The concept of a better-night's sleep with Downy hinges on P&G market research which suggested that consumers looked forward to sleeping with newly washed sheets.

P&G funded a bedroom study by the nonprofit National Sleep Foundation, which found that clean, fresh-scented sheets are among things that people say help them sleep better.

Downy will extend the campaign outside the windows of Macy's, and will launch television ads and social media campaigns.  And Macy's is extending the campaign in-store in Chicago-- "Check out Downy's latest formula and take advantage of the fabulous prices on our bedding and bath collections." says the Macy's event website


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