Piers Morgan--CNN host, America's Got Talent Judge, and bare-chested spokesperson for a men's fragrance

Piers Morgan has had a pin-ball game type of career. We all know of his tabloid journalist/scandal ridden past (he was fired by Britain's Daily Mirror over faked Iraq War pictures), and his stints as a judge on the America's Got Talent/Britain's Got Talent show, and as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. He's achieved a certain level of respectability as the replacement for Larry King on CNN as the host of Piers Morgan tonight--interviewing everyone from Oprah and Queen Noor to the Khardasians and Charlie Sheen.

But who among you remember his ride as a centerfold model? Yes, Piers Morgan was the scantily-clad spokesmodel for a fragrance called "Flame" and posed nearly nude for the ad campaign.

It was 2009 and Burger Kind was launching a men's fragrance that boasted a scent that contained a hit of "flame-grilled-beef." At the time, Sarah Power, marketing director for Burger King UK & Ireland, said: "Customers love the taste of our world-famous flame-grilled beef, so we've bottled a hint of it to help people enjoy its unique power as a scent of seduction.

The cheeky concept was, of course, short-lived. And, I am sure Mr. Morgan would wish our memories of this campaign were as short as the campaign itself.

Sorry Piers, I just had to rekindle the "Flame" one more time.  

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