Pizza Cono: drip-free, spill-free enjoyment

While it is true that the pizza was invented in Italy, the American version does not resemble the original very much.

I think we did the same to gelato--and made it into ice cream...and served it in a cone.

So it seems fitting that the Italians would take the American version of pizza and twist it up a bit--into a cone.

Marco Messuti created "Pizza Cono" in 2001 in Milan.

Now, Cono Italiano, headquartered in New Jersey, owns the North American distribution and manufacturing rights for Pizza Cono.

Slashfood says Pizza Cono is made from a "proprietary dough," and promises drip-free, spill-free enjoyment of what is essentially an inside-out slice of pizza.

Oh, and the American version is kosher, and was featured at the Indiana State Fair.

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