Pizza Hut Finds New Stuff to Stuff in their crusts. Introducing “Cone Crust” Pizzas.

Ancient Greeks covered their bread with oils, herbs and cheese, creating the first generation of “pizza.” In modern times, the Italians added tomatoes and invented the Neopolitan pie, and Pizza Margherita. Pizza in America has evolved significantly from these roots.

And now, Pizza Hut is taking “traditional” American pizza to a whole new level for their market in the Middle East. We’ve seen the company introduce crusts stuffed with hot dogs, and cheeseburger balls and chicken strips. Now comes word that this phenomenon is expanding under the name “Cone Crust” pizzas. The latest cones come stuffed with either Philadelphia cream cheese or honey mustard chicken, and surround a more traditional pizza in the center. Check out the “Cone Crust” pizzas here. 

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