Project Drive-In: Help Honda Save an American Icon

The drive-in movie theatre has been in decline for decades. In the 1960s there were approximately 4,000 outdoor viewing theatres around the country. There are now only 360 left. 

And because of a movie industry change, there are about to be even fewer.

Yep, Hollywood is about to stop producing the traditional 35-mm movie reels that most drive-ins still use to project films. And, because of the $75,000 upgrade cost of the equipment, many theatres may go out of business.

But as a civic (Honda Civic pun intended) move, Honda may be coming to the rescue of many drive-ins. The auto brand has launched a national campaign to save drive-ins from possible closure by seeking donations under its Project Drive-In. Honda is asking supports to crowd fund an effort to help pay for the digital projectors that drive-ins will need in the not-to-distant future.

For Honda, it is a subtle reminder that the Japanese company supports American culture—and what better way to go out to the movies than pulling up into a drive-in in a new Honda.

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