Rachael Ray Launches Nutrish: Naturally Delish out of the Back of a Pop-up Dog Food Truck in New York City.

What do you get when you mix lifestyle celebrity Rachael Ray with a healthy dose of dog food; then plop her in a pop-up Food Truck in New York City?

The ultimate corporate promotional stunt of course.

For three days in October (the 18th through the 20th), lifestyle brand celebrity Rachael Ray served meals to pups out of a pop-up food truck parked at Columbus Circle and then at Union Square as a publicity stunt to launch her new line of natural wet food for dogs called Nutrish® Naturally Delish™.

Ray’s used this type of stunt before, as have dozens of other corporate brands. But we’re guessing the pooches who stopped by loved the "Chicken Paw Pie," “Chicken Muttballs” and "Hearty Beef Stew" and the PR execs who orchestrated the event are patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

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