Ralph Lauren is making quite a bit of noise around its 10th e-anniversary. The spectacle is so big, they call it "4D"

RalphLauren.com is turning 10 this year.

And, the company is marking the occasion with some big spectacle events at its flagship retail stores.

In New York and in London, "4D" projections on the front facade of the Polo Ralph Lauren store showcased a 7-minute ad with models strutting a virtual catwalk and horses running toward the public, along with giant ties tossed over the roof and signature images of the the designer's looks. Ralph Lauren calls the project “a historic fusion of art, fashion, and technology.”

The experience also included a spritz of the Big Pony Collection fragrances wafting over viewers.

The Daily Beast notes that the ad projection is "the brainchild of David Lauren, Ralph’s son, boyfriend to Lauren Bush, and the company’s digital visionary. It’s the latest in a long line of new-media ventures that have allowed the brand to gallop far ahead of many of its fashion-world competitors, technologically speaking."

“Ralph Lauren has always had a story,” David says. “At first my father told the story just through his designs. Now we’re constantly looking for new ways to tell that story through innovation and technology.”

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - London from Ralph Lauren on Vimeo.

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