Reality TV's Bethanny Frankel. A "real life" celebrity brand.

Being a celebrity brand is big business.

Reality TV star Bethanny Frankel laid the foundation of a brand empire by appearing on NBC's "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" then on Bravo TV's "The Real Housewives of New York," before getting her own show on the same netowrk, "Bethenny Getting Married?" She's now appearing on ABC's "Skating with the Stars," and working on another reality show of her life. Add in writing three books, and the American public has witnessed the Bethanny brand at full force.

But the real payoff is in the launch her own lines of skin care products, shapeware and Skinny Girl cocktail mixes, along with a slew of celebrity endorsement deals for everything from Pampers, to Pepperidge Farm to British Airways.

Why so much Bethanny? Clearly a calculated businesswoman, Frankel knows how to self-promote. The public has responded to her story as a "real" person (created through reality television) that they can relate to. The Bethanny brand is based on association, rather than aspiration--a hallmark of today's generation who no longer look to be like celebrity brands, but look for brands that are like them.

The sky's the limit Bethanny.

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