Revenue from Jessica Simpson's fashion empire to top $750 million this year

We frequently hear of the launch of celebrity-branded lines of clothing, fragrances and accessories.

While it is apparent how beneficial these retail-lines are to the celebrity brand reputation, we often don't hear about the direct financial benefit to such an effort.

But now comes word that pop singer Jessica Simpson's fashion empire will generate $750 million in revenue this year.

Simpson's line--which covers 20 fashion categories is at the top of the heap of celebrity fashion labels. She is expected to be the first to top $1 billion in annual sales.

Her collection includes shoes, perfume, jeans, lingerie, swimwear and watches, and plans to launch a sportswear line of jackets, knits and dresses.

While Simpson does not top-the-charts with her singing career, she certainly appears to have connected with the right business partners who know how to exploit her celebrity status and "likeability" and deliver products that people want to buy.

Source: AOL Small Business

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