Revlon and Jessica Biel recreate an iconic 1952 ad for the rerelease of the "Fire & Ice" collection

In 1952 a model's jet-black hair and striking red lips and nails (aka a lips-and-tips pairing), set against a silver sequined gown made an icon out of Revlon's Fire & Ice cosmetics line.

Now, Revlon is trying to bring back that icon status for their brand by introducing a re-creation of the legendary ad.

The question is, will anyone who saw that ad 58 years ago, still be in the target market?

The answer is probably no, but Revlon is hoping the magic is still there in the styling of the ad, and the press around having
Jessica Biel model in the modern take on the iconic ad will create some buzz. Plus there is the tie-in to "re-introducing" the line and "re-creating" the ad.

Incidently, I'm sure the fact that 1952 "It Girl" model Dorian Leigh died at the age 91 in 2008, was not the least of the reasons they selected Biel. <grin>

Source: Stylist

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