Should advertisers boycott "I Just Want My Pants Back?"

The Parents Television Council is a socially conservative organization who regularly attempt to pressure television advertisers into boycotting shows that it feels do not meet their organization's moral standards.

They're currently taking aim at MTV's "I Just Want My Pants Back," a relationship comedy about a group of recent college graduates living in New York City. It is essentially "Friends" updated for 2012.

The PTC has decided that MTV is aiming the show at an audience not ready for the raunchy humor and sexual innuendo in the series. They say MTC is targeting 12 year-old children to watch the show.

“Once again MTV is taking HBO-style content and marketing it to a Nickelodeon-age audience,” said PTC president Tim Winter, as reported by“The network programming executive is on the record saying 12-year-olds are in his crosshairs. And the TV-14 content rating is intentionally misleading for parents and for advertisers. The Parents Television Council will not sit silently and allow this affront to go unchallenged.”

Yes, the show is indeed rated TV-14, which clearly indicates that it is NOT appropriate for 12 year-olds. The show is about college students (not pre-teens) who talk about adult issues--because they are adults. Additionally, the show airs at 11 pm, and only re-runs edited versions of the show at earlier hours. If you're a partent, and you're letting your 12-year old watch TV-14 shows at 11pm at night, you can't really blame MTV.

And, neither should the PTC.

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