Skyy Spirits introduces "Women & Whiskies"

  "A Cosmo for the lady. And the gentleman will have a whisky."

Whisky drinks have been predominantly the domain of the masculine gender. But Skyy Spirits wants to change that steroetype.

Skyy Spirits, who has a deep portfolio of whiskies from nearly every category, is launching “Skyy Spirits Women & Whiskies,” an interactive community managed by women for women who love a little single malt, blend, a bourbon, or rye.
“After nearly a decade of attending whisk(e)y events around the country, we began to see more and more women coming to the table asking great questions. As a result, we wanted to create a community of like-minded women and empower them with knowledge to feel confident when ordering or discussing whiskies,” said Ms. Randal Stewart, PR and Events Manager specializing in whiskies.
Skyy reports that the program launched this month with a sold-out event in New York’s trendy Chelsea neighborhood. Professional, sophisticated women gathered to sample different whiskies from Scotland, the U.S. and Japan, and to find out the differences among the regions and sip delicious whiskey cocktails, including the Glen Grant Zinger, The Glenrothes Rob Roy, and Hibiki Falling Leaves.

And, a tip for 5 Blogs Before Lunch readers: It's Whisky if your Scottish and whiskey if you're Irish.

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