"Sorry dear, you're too skinny to be a model:" British magazine "Essentials" replaces models with real women

Dove's campaign for real women may be having an affect on how women expect to be portrayed in the media.

British women's magazine Essentials has reportedly decided to replace size zero models and airbrushed celebrities with real women in response to reader demand.

The magazine took a reader's survey and found that more than 70 percent of its readers would prefer to see real women than professional models.

So, Essentials' October issue features 10 actual readers, including a 71-year-old grandmother on its cover. While editorial pages feature readers, of course most of the advertisements will include professional models--unless more companies like Dove join the real women bandwagon.

"We're looking for amazing women that really reflect the magazine's readership, so women of all shapes, ages, and sizes," style director Lucy Turner says in video about the new campaign.

Source: Stylist

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