SPAM turns to Sir Can-A-Lot to celebrate turning 75.

It was introduced during the depths of the depression and during an age when processed food was a novelty. SPAM, turns 75 years old this year. No, not the Spam you receive in your email box promising male potency, or the keys to a Nigerian fortune, SPAM, the meat mash-up product in a can.

Over the years, the meat mash-up has been a milaigned brand, even being satorized in Monty Python's "SPAMALOT" the musical based on their classic ode to Spam which suggested everything is a little better with SPAM. But now, Hormel Foods, the maker of the dented brand, has turned that satire on its ear, creating a character will be reminding us all to have everything with SPAM. 

Please welcome Sir Can-A-Lot a cartoon knight based on the Python's theme.

"The introduction of Sir Can-A-Lot provides an engaging presence that highlights the playful and down-to-earth personality that makes the SPAM brand both unique and timeless," said Nicole L. Behne, product manager of SPAM family of products, according to the company's press release. "The campaign features him ridding not only mealtimes of boredom, but also helping consumers 'Break the Monotony.'" (That last phrase, by the way, Hormel has gone and trademarked, just to keep things interesting.)

Sir Can-A-Lot will participate in the brand's marketing on television, online and even a redesigned Spam website that has Sir Can-A-Lot serving “as the site's guide to help fans break out of their boring routines.” For example, when visitors head to the site, they are forced to scroll up rather than the customary down. 

Time to stock up.

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