Starbucks logo evolution: "Keep walking, there's nothing to see here..."

Yesterday, Starbucks unveiled a new company logo.

Like the new design or not, it is a not-unexpected shift for a company that sees itself expanding globally, and into new product lines. The new  logo removes the words "Starbucks Coffee" and simplifies the design of the "Siren."

Some are now writing that Starbucks is "messing with their logo" and it is a "hot mess." Others report that "Just a few hours later, the backlash against the change started building on both Starbucks' website and other social media platforms such as Facebook."

On Facebook, a fan wrote: "Was the Starbucks corporate office asleep through all of the Gap controversy when they tried changing their logo? Leave it alone! There's nothing wrong with it."

The "controversy" of course, is a whole lot of latte foam without a lot of coffee.

Companies change their logos all the time. And usually, for good reasons like drawing attention to a shift in market strategy, a merger, or change in product offering.

A few notable changes: Apple removing the word "computer" from its name, and the word "Apple" from its logo. Mercedes Benz dropped their name a while back and simply uses the 3-pointed start to alert people to their brand, and Prudential Insurance has fiddled with "The Rock" (Rock of Gibraltar) more times than we can count.

We like the new logo, but even if we didn't, it isn't going to affect our coffee consumption.

Here's Starbucks' Howard Schultz talking about the rationale behind the logo change:

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