Subaru introduces the 2011 Mediocrity. Satire is standard equipment.

It is always nice to see a car company willing to have a little intelligent wit and daring about their marketing.

Subaru is having a little fun by creating advertising for a fictious car called "Mediocrity."

The 2011 Mediocrity comes in "medium crumb" or "stale biscuit" colors and is designed to "get you from A to B without anybody noticing, and that's a good thing."

Of course, their poking fun at bland, middle-of-the-road sedans, and subtly suggesting Subaru is anti-Mediocrity.

Subaru doesn't let consumers in on the gag until they're deep inside a fictitious website. Subaru encourages people to "click here to build a better car," which links to the Subaru site and a commercial for the 2011 Legacy sedan.

Due to the subtle nature of the joke, many may not get the gag.

But then again, a Subaru isn't for everyone.

Source: USA Today

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