Subaru is scouting for talented pooches for the Puppy Bowl campaign: "Dog Tested, Dog Approved"

Subaru was a sponsor of last year's Puppy Bowl.

You know, the Big Game that airs on Animal Planet as counter-programming to that little football contest called the Super Bowl? And where puppies compete for the title of MVP--Most Valuable Puppy.

The Puppy Bowl is one of Animal Planet's most watched shows of the year. A collective 7.8 million unique viewers have watched the event--1.1 million watched it live.

Last year, Subaru introduced a series of spots for Puppy Bowl featuring canine drivers under the tagline: "Dog tested, dog approved."

The automaker, who has a reputation for deeply understanding its niche target audiences, has said that more than 50% of their car owners have dogs, and it indexes higher than most carmakers with dog owners.

Subaru is now on the hunt for five puppies for the filming of its Puppy Bowl 2011 ads. The puppies will star in the carmaker's commercial about a person from Animal Planet driving his Subaru to the game.

If you're interested in your puppy being part of the commercial, scouts will be in New York City on October 15.

I vote for my dog Gracie (pictured).

Source: Media Post

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